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Atlanta Dragway, April 30, 2005
The American Supercar Challenge race at Atlanta Dragway provided an afternoon and evening of exciting Corvette and Viper drag racing competition for those hard core racing enthusiasts, who were un-phased by the bad weather conditions earlier that day. It was also interesting to see that more Viper racers weathered the thunderstorms, proving that snake people don't get scared by thunder and lightning. At the end of the race, there were more Viper victories than Corvette wins during a dramatic day of Vette vs. Viper racing action.

Start your SuperCars!
The racing started at approximately 3:30 p.m. after the drag strip dried from the rain and ended with a fantastic finish at 8:14 p.m. with two nearly identical blue 1996 Viper GTS’s racing for the Genuine Street title. The winner of this race was veteran drag racer, Tony Armour, who defeated Jerry Dobbs, in a close competition. Jerry Dobbs made it to the finals of Genuine Street Class competition by delivering a surprising win over the class record holder Edgar Perez and his 1999 Chevrolet Corvette. Perez had been suffering from what appeared to be transmission problems all week, but still made the trip from Howell, New Jersey, demonstrating that he is a first-class competitor for racing with adverse mechanical conditions. This perseverance is what has helped make Perez the current point’s leader and record holder in the Genuine Street Class.

Tony Armour gets the Half-Shaft
Another hard core Supercar racer, that also demonstrated perseverance, was Tony Armour who almost failed to qualify for the race when he broke a half shaft during a testing session. After assessing the damage, Armour, with help from fellow Viper racer John Smith, replaced the half shaft with a stock unit just in time to qualify his Viper GTS for the race. Tony Armour proceeded to narrowly win the Genuine Street Class race by running safe and not pushing his powerful Viper to the limit. Jerry Dobbs took the early lead with a .579 reaction time, but Armour had the better 60 ft time of 1.766 to Dobbs 1.893 with both cars finishing the race at 118.9 mph.

Richardson has a Blast & Phillips not Happy Without Laughing Gas

The Original Street race was won by Brad Richardson and his 2000 Viper RT/10, by out powering Nitrous guru John Phillips, of NX Nitrous Systems, who was running as dictated in the Original Street Class rules, without nitrous oxide. John Phillips had the early lead in the 2006 Corvette, but the top end charge of the Viper gave Richardson the win. Phillips demonstrated great sportsmanship,
in this naturally aspirated race, by staying off the N20 button, which when activated during testing improved the ET of the otherwise stock C6 Corvette by 1.7 seconds.

Jerry Lands the Win & Smith
Sets the Record

The heavy weight Vette vs. Viper race of the day took place in the Serious Street Class between Jerry Land and his 2002 ZO6 Corvette and John Smith’s 2001 Viper RT/10. This awesome American Super Car Challenge race started with an early lead in the Corvette lane with a spectacular .523 reaction time by Jerry Land, who demonstrated that he is a real Pro when it comes to cutting a light on a Pro tree. This was a great race as the nitrous injected LS6 Corvette got to the finish line first with a 10.604 elapsed time at 129.25 mph against the record setting 10.52 second ET by John Smith and his nitrous injected Viper RT/10. This race resulted with Jerry Land continuing his dominance in the Serious Street Class by remaining undefeated in 2005 and John Smith entering the record books by setting a new elapsed time record for the Serious Street Class.

Heads-Up Drag Racing Formula
For those who are unfamiliar with the heads up drag race “winning formula”, the first one to the finish line wins the race. The elapsed time only measures the time from when the car starts the race and does not include the driver’s reaction time. A driver who reacts faster to the green light starts to race sooner and gets a head start from a racer who starts the race later with a slower reaction time. It is the total time of reacting to the green light (Reaction Time) and the quarter mile elapsed time that determines who gets to the finish line first. Jerry Land won this race by .041 of a second and the spectacular specifics of this race are as follows:

Jerry Land – reaction time .523 and elapsed time 10.604 = 11.127 seconds in total time
John Smith – reaction time .645 and elapsed time 10.523 = 11.168 seconds in total time

 Driver  R/T  60 ft  330 ft  1/8 mile  1/8 mph  1000 ft  ¼ mile  ¼ MPH
 Jerry Land - Corvette .523 1.568 4.459 6.830 105.34 8.839 10.604 129.25
 John Smith - Viper .645 1.611 4.448 6.804 106.00 8.834 10.523 133.01

This close race is expected to intensify the rivalry between the Vette and Viper racers who are competing to be the quickest, fastest and victorious in American Supercar racing.

SuperCar Race Wars
With the introduction of Supercar Race Wars, a grudge match race and the latest installment in the ASSC racing series, Vette & Viper racers can officially challenge each other to a heads up, no index limit race that will take place after the regular American Super Car Challenge racing events finish.

The first such challenge was delivered by Corvette racer Jerry Land to Viper racer Dr. Richard Dustman. This race war was to have taken place after the regular ASCC race in Atlanta, but unfortunately Dr. Dustman’s Viper had some problems that could not be addressed in time for this race. The Race War between Jerry Land and Viper Racer Dr Richard Dustman is now one of the most eagerly anticipated Vette vs Viper races, with both cars capable of running 9 second quarter mile performances.

Super Car racers who wish to participate and arrange a grudge match against another Super Car competitor should contact Ned Erkman, Race Director for the American Super Car Challenge.

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Spectacular SuperCar Action to Continue at Cecil County Raceway!
The next American Super Car Challenge race is scheduled for June 11, 2005 at Cecil County Raceway, Rising Sun Maryland, which is where some of the most spectacular super cars produced some of the fastest record setting performances during last years ASCC competition.

Stay tuned to SuperCar Speed News for extensive coverage of the next American Super Car Challenge Vette vs. Viper racing action from Cecil County Raceway.

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Ned Erkman - Race Director - American SuperCar Challenge

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