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Toronto Motorsports Park, July 3, 2005
The American SuperCar Challenge race in Toronto brought out the region’s racing veterans who skillfully demonstrated the how-to in delivering high powered supercar performances. At the end of the race the Vipers won the Original Street and the Genuine Street Classes and the Serious Street Class was dominated by serious nitrous oxide injected C5 Corvettes that battled it out for supercar supremacy.

Jerry Land Races Serious Racers
American Supercar Challenge racer Jerry Land traveled to Toronto Motor sports Park and raced the heavy weights in Corvette street car racing, demonstrating how difficult the Serious Street Class competition is to win.

Jerry was also greeted by several Corvette performance enthusiasts who had been reading about his success in the Supercar Speed News, proving that he is becoming a popular guy in the world of Corvette racing. Jerry who is usually calm and relaxed was somewhat surprised when he was immediately greeted by a fellow Corvette racer, who enthusiastically called to him, “Hey, are you Jerry Land? I’ve been reading about you.”

Supercar Saturday

One of the many hardcore Corvette racers who have been reading about Jerry Land is Asante, who was at the track on Saturday to test and tune his 2001 Z06 Corvette, which is equipped with a Magnuson supercharger. This forced inducted Z06 produced 11.3 second elapsed performances at
127 mph.

Another Corvette performance enthusiast who was at the track on Saturday was Rob Ing, who was test driving a friend’s C5 while his Z06 Corvette was being modified for a twin turbo LS2 engine. Rob has a history of owning higher performance Corvettes with his latest Z06 Corvette being upgraded from a single turbo LS6 engine to a twin turbo LS2 engine that is
expected to make big power.

Serious Corvette Racers in Serious Street

Racing in the Serious Street class against Jerry was another accomplished hardcore Corvette racer, Bill Foutris who owns and operates Speedway Corvette, a shop that specializes in modifying C4, C5 and C6 Corvettes. Bill Foutris has a history of remarkable Corvette performances including a 9.25 ET performance at 147 mph with a nitrous oxide injected C4 and a mid 8 second elapsed time performances in a turbo charged C4 Corvette, both of these fast and impressive performances being accomplished with an IRS (independent rear suspension).

Another Heavy weight who entered the Serious Street class was Don McDonald who brought out his high powered 1999 Corvette which is equipped with a new LS2 engine that is built by Wade Stevens and stroked to 402 cid. Wade Stevens who owns and operates Full Throttle Performance has extensive knowledge regarding C5 Corvette performance modifications which was evident when Don McDonald ran a 10.0 second elapsed time on Saturday during testing.

The American Supercar Challenge Serious Street Class had serious high quality competition with racers like Bill Foutris and Don McDonald competing against Jerry Land, who has remained undefeated in Serious Street Class competition in 2005.

All three racers were able to run 10.5 second elapsed time performances during qualifying. Jerry Land qualified #1 with a 10.52 and Don McDonald ran a 10.54 and Bill Foutris ran a 10.56 elapsed time. Bill Foutris won the first round of competition against Don McDonald, who ran under the 10.50 index by producing a 10.49 elapsed time. In the final round it was Bill Foutris against Jerry Land, with Jerry outperforming Bill at the starting line with a .057 reaction time on a Pro Tree .500 light to take the Serious Street Class win and continue his winning streak.

Viper Victories
In the Genuine Street Class, veteran drag racer Gil Vivieros was racing Mardig Sevadjian’s 2000 Viper GTS against a Z06 Corvette. Gil went on to win the Genuine Street Class and set a speed record in the process by running 123 mph.

The Original Street Class had two C5 Corvettes battling with a Viper GTS. The red 2004 Corvette convertible driven by Tino Perciballi ran a 13.2 elapsed time at 106 mph to beat Tony Bifolchi’s yellow C5 convertible that produced a best elapsed time of 13.75 seconds. The V10 power of the 1999 Viper GTS owned by Dan Santos won the race with a 12.86 ET at 112 mph.

The Toronto ASCC Race
The race at Toronto Motor sports Park was an exciting event with great nitrous oxide injected C5 Corvette drag race competitions and victorious Viper racing action, with high powered super stars driving American SuperCars at the American Supercar Challenge.

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More Amazing SuperCar racing will
continue at Quaker City Raceway on July 23, 2005.

The next American Supercar Challenge race will be held at Quaker City Raceway on July 23, 2005, which is home to some of the fastest street legal Vipers. This race is expected to bring out some of the best supercar competitors.

Stay tuned to SuperCar Speed News for extensive coverage of the next American Super Car Challenge Vette vs. Viper racing action from Quaker City Raceway.

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Ned Erkman - Race Director - American SuperCar Challenge

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