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Cecil County Dragway, June 12, 2005
The American Supercar Challenge race at Cecil County Dragway provided an afternoon of hot weather and heated battles in the world of Corvette and Viper drag racing competition.

The results of this race were quite exceptional with 5 different generations of Corvettes winning all 5 American Supercar Challenge race classes. The 5 winning generations of Corvettes included the C2, C3, C4, C5 and the new C6 with the two fastest Corvettes being the oldest models.

Several super car power players arrived on the scene with serious hardware that delivered phenomenal performances. These hardcore racers demonstrated amazing achievements by racing their cars to a premiere level of performance.

The White Flight
The white C5 Corvette driven by Jason Anderson was flying with a 400+ cid LS2 stoker engine. Jason got everybody's attention when he delivered a blistering 11.647 ET at 126.96 mph on stock Z06 wheels and D.O.T radial tires. Jason advised that he decided to buy an LS2 engine for itís higher performance capabilities and then built the stroker LS2 engine himself for more power and performance.

Eddid Plybon Smokes Genuine Cigars!
Eddie Plybon demonstrated very impressive starting line performances by delivering reaction times of .097, .065 and .021 on a Pro Tree .500 light. Then he produced consistent 1.5 second 60 ft times on D.O.T radial tires to get the early lead in each round of drag race competition. Later, at the other end of the quarter mile, Eddie delivered another impressive performance by running a speed of 121 mph with his high tech 358 cid L98 engine. Eddie has owned his 1989 Corvette since new and with the outstanding performances that he achieved by winning the Genuine Street race, it is obvious that he is an expert at racing and modifying the C4 Corvette. Eddie also demonstrated he knows how to ďsmokeĒ more than just a good cigar by smokiní the competition and winning the Genuine Street class by beating Jason Andersonís fast C5 in the finals.

Paul Major and John Carter
go to the Extreme!

Paul Major, who is best known for his impressive C5 Corvette quarter mile performance, arrived at the race with his 1966 Corvette convertible equipped with a nitrous injected 406 cid small block Chevy engine. Paul demonstrated impressive skills by driving the C2 Corvette down the quarter mile to an incredible 10.2 second elapsed time at 135 mph. Paul went on to victory by defeating John Carter and his classy C5 convertible in the finals of the Extreme Street competition. Both John Carter and Paul Major drive their 9 second Corvettes on the street proving that itís not how fast you go that matters; itís how you go fast in a street legal supercar convertible. Paul Major reports that his 1966 Corvette convertible has produced a best elapsed time of 9.88 at 136.79 mph and John Carter has run a 9.98 at 136.48 mph in his 2000 Corvette convertible.

Jerry Muniz and Robert Fordís Awesome C6s.
The two newest Corvettes in competition were the C6 models with Jerry Muniz behind the wheel of his black automatic 2005 Corvette who raced to a best time of 12.91 at 110.54 mph and Robert Ford driving his yellow manual 6 speed 2005 Corvette to a best of 13.59 at 107 mph. The Original Street race competition brought together these two awesome 2005 Corvettes with Jerry Muniz winning with a 13.10 at 110.01 MPH to Robert Fordís 13.86 at 104.79 mph. Jerry also demonstrated some big burnout techniques to get a hold of the traction needed to take his Corvette into the 12 second zone.

Jerry Land Dominates the Competition!
Mac Look brought his nitrous injected Viper to take on Jerry Land in the Serious Street Class, but experienced problems with his nitrous system which limited his performance to 11.85 at 127 mph.

Ernie King ran some impressive 11 second elapsed times with his C5 Corvette and proceeded to beat Mac Look, who added a throttle cable problem to the list of items that plagued his Viper.

Jerry Land continued his domination of the Serious Street Class by winning his third straight race this year and remaining undefeated in race competition. On the Pro Tree .500 light Jerry demonstrated what it takes to keep winning in Serious Street competition by delivering a series of incredible reaction times ranging from .091, .071, .065 and .039.

Angelo Valla and his
Record Breaking Big Chief!

After winning the Serious Street title Jerry stepped up to the Modified Super Car Class to race the fastest super car at the event, which was Angelo Vallasí 1972 Corvette. Jerry produced an impressive 10.31 ET at 137.99 mph but that was not enough for the heavy weight power of Angelo Valla and his Big Chief engine. Angelo went on to win the race by setting two new records in the Modified Super car class with an elapsed time of 8.80 seconds and 161.36 mph.

Exciting Genuine Street Class Performances!
The competition in the Genuine Street class was particularly fierce with Edgar Perez and his 1999 Corvette matched against Jason Anderson and his 1999 LS2 equipped Corvette. Edgar, as ASSC race fans will know, has been a successful competitor in this class producing some of the most exciting performances and still holding both the ET and MPH records. On this day however, continuing problems with his 1999 Corvette resulted in a loss to Jason Andersonís C5 Corvette.

In the other Geniune Street Class semi-final race, Garth Koniver and his 1997 GTS Viper were matched against the eventual winner, Eddie Pylbon. Garth had a good race day by running his best elapsed time of 11.8 seconds during qualifying but that was not enough for the smokingí C4 Corvette of Fast Eddie Plybon.

In Closing...
The race at Cecil County was an exciting event that had speed, sound, smoke and style with drag race super stars driving American SuperCars at the American Supercar Challenge.

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Spectacular SuperCar Action to Continue at Milan Raceway!
The next American Super Car Challenge race is scheduled for June 25, 2005 at Milan Raceway, Milan Michigan

Stay tuned to SuperCar Speed News for extensive coverage of the next American Super Car Challenge Vette vs. Viper racing action from Milan Raceway.

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Ned Erkman - Race Director - American SuperCar Challenge

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