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Milan Dragway, June 25, 2005
The American Supercar Challenge race at Milan Michigan brought out the real hardcore supercar racers that are committed to spending the time, money and energy to participate in drag racing competition.

No Guts, No Glory
The low level of racer participation demonstrated how extraordinary it is to find Corvette & Viper owners who have the capability and determination to compete in the sport of drag racing at a National level where traveling to distant drag strips is required. This is also the reason why hardcore racers are at the top of the ladder for status in the high performance automobile world, because of the respect they earn for their accomplishments and for the rewards associated with racing cars and winning races.

While many performance enthusiasts limit their pursuit to the easier competitions of trying to produce big dyno numbers or chase favorable weather conditions to run low ET’s, it is rewarding to see high performance enthusiasts who have what it takes to continue the tough heritage of racing in a heads up drag race competition, where no guts, no glory is the name of the game.

Hardcore Supercar Racers
This is the more challenging world of competition, where racers like Jerry Land work hard on honing their driving skills and reaction times to try and be victorious in a drag race. Racers like John Carter work at acquiring the best nitrous fogger system technologies to get the safer advantage of high horsepower nitrous tune-ups to win the race. Racers like Edgar Perez, who constantly monitors vehicle performance in an effort to improve tuning for better performance.

Jerry Land, John Carter and Edgar Perez are fine examples of hardcore supercar racers who have what it takes to compete at a National level.

No Competition!
These racers traveled to Milan raceway to compete in the American Supercar Challenge drag racing competition and they came away as winners, each winning their class with no competition.

Since these guys are used to winning anyway, the lack of competition just made it easier for them to earn more points towards their ultimate goal of winning the Class Championship in the only International Corvette & Viper Drag Racing Series on planet Earth, The American Supercar Challenge.

Supercar Race War
The most exciting race occurred when Jerry Land raced John Carter in a Supercar Race War to see who could win in a heads-up drag race with no limits. John Carter had recorded the quickest elapsed time and the fastest speed of the event with a 10.0881 ET and 138.82 mph.

Man & Machine Performance

But once again, Jerry Land proved that the faster car does not always win by beating John Carter at the lights with a better reaction time and winning the race. This is proof positive that drag racing is not just about the car; it’s a race that requires the best performance from both man and machine.

Lights On & Jerry Off
Jerry Land wins another Race War at the lights with another phenomenal reaction time. Jerry’s Z06 also runs a better 60ft time over John Carter’s 2000 convertible and both Corvettes go an amazing 136 mph at the end of the
quarter mile.

 Driver  R/T  60 ft  330 ft  1/8 mile  1/8 mph  1000 ft  ¼ mile  ¼ MPH
 Jerry Land
 - Z06 Corvette
.055 1.586 4.440 6.740 108.16 8.726 10.337 136.72
 John Carter
 - Corvette
.344 1.822 4.662 6.975 106.71 8.956 10.623 136.04

This race is a fine example of what reaction and traction can do for a quarter mile race. The ET tells the reaction & traction tale and the mph tells how much power is under the tail.

The New Pump Gas Challenge
American Supercar Challenge racer, John Carter also participated in The New “Pump Gas” Challenge race series that we are developing, where street legal cars, like John’s C5 Corvette can participate in a heads up drag race competition against other high performance street legal cars that run on pump gasoline.

In this exhibition race John Carter raced his 2000 Corvette convertible against Rich Linehan and his 2001 Pontiac Trans Am, which is equipped with a 422 cid LS1 engine with an 80 mm turbo kit that runs on Sunoco 94.

Rich heard about the development of a new pump gas race series and decided to help get it started by bringing his Trans Am to Milan Raceway for an exhibition race.

Rich put on a memorable performance by running a 10.8 second ET at 131 mph but lost the race to veteran American Supercar racer John Carter who delivered a quicker and faster 10.43 ET at 136 mph.

This race was an excellent example of what serious performance enthusiasts like John Carter and Rich Linehan can achieve in a drag race with the technology that is now available for street legal cars.

Stay tuned to the Supercar Speed news for more information about The Pump Gas Challenge.

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Spectacular SuperCar Action to Continue at Toronto Motorsports Park!
The next American Supercar Challenge race will be held in Canada at Toronto Motorsports Park, which is home to some of the fastest street legal supercars. This race is expected to bring out some of the best and the baddest supercar racers.

Stay tuned to SuperCar Speed News for extensive coverage of the next American Super Car Challenge Vette vs. Viper racing action from Toronto Motorsports Park.

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Ned Erkman - Race Director - American SuperCar Challenge

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