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Numidia Raceway, August 20, 2005
The American Supercar Challenge race at Numidia Pennsylvania provided exciting Corvette racing competition for those hard core racing enthusiasts, who were un-phased by the weather projections that predicted 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms. These bad weather projections usually limit attendance to only hardcore racers who care more about racing than rain.

This is why Numidia raceway only attracted the big guns from the Corvette drag racing world, with every racer in attendance possessing impressive performance credentials and advanced drag racing skills that have earned them the status of being a hardcore Corvette drag racer.

Fastest C5 Corvette & Fastest Turbo Charged Corvette & Quickest wit.

One of the biggest guns in Corvette racing was working on his car under the rain clouds at Numidia Raceway. Power surges could be heard under the hood of Paul Ziajskiís twin turbo Corvette after he started up his car and drove it around the track to heat things up both on and off the track. Paulís turbo charged Z06 was also the first car down the drag strip with a lightning fast 8.9 second elapsed time performance, establishing his car as the fastest supercar at the track.

Paul Ziajski originally planned to attend the event to race Paul Major and his nitrous oxide injected C5 Corvette, but unfortunately Paul Major had car problems and was very disappointed to be unable to attend the Modified Super Car Class grudge match/race war.

Old MacDonald & Fast MacDonald
Another hardcore Corvette performance enthusiast in attendance for the Extreme Street Class was Dennis MacDonald, who came all the way from Ontario Canada to race with his nephew Steven MacDonald. Steven was the man assigned to the driving duties for this high powered nitrous oxide injected 1986 Corvette. After a warm up drive around the track he proceeded to run a fast naturally aspirated 10.6 second elapsed time at 129 mph. The next pass down the track for this C4 was a nitrous oxide injected run which resulted in a record setting elapsed time performance of 9.25 seconds at 151.54 mph with a 60 ft time of 1.387 on a drag radial and an independent rear suspension.

IRS Record
This 9.25 second elapsed time at 151.54 mph resulted in an American Supercar Challenge record for the best elapsed time for a Corvette equipped with an independent rear suspension.

Racing Records & Records Racing

The purple 1986 Corvette proceeded to set 3 new records and performed triple duties by racing in 3 different classes at this event.

Steve MacDonald raced his Uncle Dennis MacDonaldís Corvette to a 9.42 ET at 149.80 mph in the Extreme Street Class and established new ET and MPH records in the process of winning the race.

The records that Steve MacDonald broke are the two oldest American Supercar Challenge race records that were established in October 2003, when two of the supreme Supercar racers, Tom Welch and Mike St. Eve, set these standards.

This C4 which races in the Extreme Street Class with nitrous oxide also raced in the Serious Street 10.50 index class against Jerry Land without using nitrous oxide. Jerry Land won this race with a better 10.55 ET to the 10.60 ET by Steve McDonald.

Steve McDonald also stepped up a class to race in the Modified Supercar Class against Paul Ziajskiís turbo charged C5. Paulís C5 won the race with a 9.051 at 153.29 mph to a 9.44 at 150.60 mph performance by Steve McDonald. Dennis MacDonald who is also known to be Mr. Race Mathematics commented to Paul Z that the race may have been a little different if his C5 was 300 lbs heavier to match the weight of his C4. Is this how Dennis spells re-match wanted, in a heavy weight class?

Old MacDonald also tells us that old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time.

Turbo Charged Driving Duties by Dave Busch
Another big name in the Corvette racing game that was in attendance was Dave Busch from Cartek.

Dave proceeded to run low 10 second quarter mile performances with speeds just under 140 mph in Mike Romaineís Corvette.

Mike Romaine, who is another premiere hardcore Corvette racer and the current record holder for the fastest naturally aspirated Corvette, was not in attendance at this race. Mikeís C5 Corvette which used to be equipped with a record setting 441 cid LS1 engine, that was built by Cartek, is now equipped with a turbo charged engine that was running fast with Dave Busch performing the turbo charged driving duties.

Generous Hardcore Racer
John Carter was also in attendance with his beautiful C5 convertible which holds the record for the fastest nitrous oxide injected C5 Corvette.

John Carter also continued to demonstrate that he is both a hardcore racer and a generous sportsman by providing fellow Corvette racers with nitrous re-fills from his own nitrous filling station.

John went on to the final round in the Extreme Class and raced against Steve MacDonald, who beat John with a record setting performance.

After this race John Carter went on to race Jerry Land in a supercar race war/grudge match, but once again Jerry Land won the race at the lights with another incredible reaction time of .506 on a Pro tree .500 light. John Carter ran a better elapsed time of 10.40 seconds at 137.63 mph to Jerry Landís 10.54 at 135.89 mph proving that he has the faster car.

Rumor has it that those late night activities at the local bar, with the track owner, did not help John Carter and his reaction time. Is this why Jerry Land makes sure to get a good nights sleep, so he can be on top of his race game?

Jerry Landís Very Victorious Virtual Reality
Jerry Land also went on with his winning ways in the Serious Street Class competition by beating Steve McDonald, who was racing naturally aspirated without nitrous oxide. Although the elapsed times were close with Jerry running a 10.55 to Steveís 10.60 second performance, the margin of victory seemed much larger with the Hole Shot that Jerry Land landed on Steve McDonald at the tree. After this race was over Steveís Uncle Dennis looked at him and said ďJerry treed you so bad you look like a raccoon.Ē

There was much talk about Jerry Landís racing abilities with many hardcore racers commenting about his incredible and consistent reaction times and how well he performs on a Pro Tee. It will be interesting to see if anyone can beat Jerry Land in a drag race this year as he continues his very victorious virtual reality of winning every race.

Anybody that thinks they can beat Jerry on a Pro Tree better start practicing all night. Word is to beat Jerry, you need to be able to turn off your bedroom lights and get into bed before the lights go out.

Genuinely Fast Trio
The Genuine Street 11.50 index class had 3 hardcore and very experienced racers in competition. The current ET record holder and point leader, Edgar Perez was competing against Eddie Plybon, who has a reputation of smoking cigars and his competition at the same time, which is precisely what he did at the last race that he won. The third competitor in this class was Z06 Corvette racer Ernie King, who launches hard, shifts fast and drives even faster, which is exactly what Ernie did to win this race and be crowned King of Genuine Street.

A New Genuine King is Crowned
Ernie King demonstrated some great stick shift driving skills during the day by qualifying in the number 1 position and running 11.51 seconds on the 11.50 index. Then Ernie won the race with an incredible .504 reaction time on a .500 Pro Tree and followed that up with an elapsed time of 11.57 seconds at
119.93 mph.

This makes the Genuine Street Class rivalry the fiercest of any class, with 3 hardcore drag racing veterans battling in very close and quick competition.

Edgar Perez Genuinely Needs Laughing Gas

Genuine Street racer Edgar Perez also went on to race original Street class winner Jerry Muniz, who has a nitrous oxide system installed on his C6 Corvette. Jerry proved that he has what it takes to race against the best by beating Edgar Perez on the lights with a better reaction time and by running faster with a 12.17 at 118.87 mph to Edgarís traction limited 14.50 at 110 mph. Looks like this could be the beginning of another interesting rivalry.

Jerry Muniz Sees C6 Records
Jerry Muniz also proceeded to set a new record for the fastest nitrous oxide injected C6 by running a 12.17 ET at 118.87 mph.

This also adds to Jerry's existing ASCC record of having the fastest naturally aspirated C6 Corvette.

Edgar Perez also got some help earlier that day from Cartek owner Julio, who assisted Edgar to jack up his car so that he could change his tires.

Great Support
Julio and Dave from Cartek demonstrated great support for this race series and their customers by attending this race. They also demonstrated great sportsmanship by congratulating race winners who were not their customers. We hope to see Julio and Dave at future American Supercar Challenge race events with more Cartek customers participating in this race series.

The ASCC race at Numidia Raceway
The race at Numidia Raceway was a historic hardcore racing event where new records were set with high powered super stars driving American Supercars at the American SuperCar Challenge.

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Ned Erkman - Race Director - American SuperCar Challenge

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