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Race # 1 – ATCO, New Jersey on April 22, 2006
The American Supercar Challenge celebrated its 4th year of Corvette and Viper drag race competition in 2006 with more incredibly amazing and enormously entertaining super car performances.

The first race of the season at ATCO, New Jersey was rained out which was very unfortunate. Many high powered supercars were expected to attend this race, in what is considered to be one of the greatest super car racing regions in the world.

Race # 2 - Cecil County, Maryland on May 20, 2006
The second race of the season in Cecil County, Maryland brought out the big guns in supercar racing. This was a great race day with a wonderful turnout of Supercars where both fans and racers enjoyed this event.

This race also became a historic event as both the new 2006 Z06 Corvette and the new 2006 Viper SRT Coupe attended American Supercar Challenge race competition for the first time. The Z06 Corvette and Viper Coupe exhibited the latest sports car technologies and delivered first rate performances from what are the hottest and newest American Supercars.

The distinguished Corvette racer and multiple Corvette performance records holder known as “RANGER” attended the American Supercar Challenge race bringing his new 2006 Z06 Corvette and two performance objectives to conquer. The first goal was to win the American Supercar Challenge race war competition against his friend and Viper race rival, known as “WANTED”. Ranger’s second goal was to set a new drag strip quarter mile performance record for the 2006 Z06 Corvette.

This Race War was a grudge match race that was arranged by these two racers, who decided to test their skills at an American Supercar Challenge race. What makes this race very interesting is that both drivers have a lot of respect for each others driving skills, which is what this race was all about "DRIVING SKILLS".

The two Supercar drivers raced 3 races against each other to better determine who could deliver the best performance in the driving department.

At the end of the day both drivers delivered really incredible performances. The Viper driver, Tom known as “WANTED”, ran an 11.6 second ET with a stock 2001 Viper RT/10 which is approximately 1/2 second faster than what the Viper normally runs.

The Corvette driver, John who is known as “RANGER”, set a record for a 2006 Z06 Corvette by producing an incredible 11.20 second ET at 127.55 mph with a stock LS7 engine in his 2006 Z06 Corvette by using drag radial tires.

Both drivers proceeded to prove that they have exceptional driving skills and clearly demonstrated how important driving abilities are for delivering maximum super car performances.

Congratulations to the race winners at Cecil County Dragway on May 20, 2006.

Original Street Winner – Cliff Sebring
Genuine Street Winner – Edgar Perez
Serious Street Winner – Jerry Land
Extreme Street – Class competitors broke and not able to compete.
Modified Supercar – Paul Ziajski

Thanks to all the American Supercar Challenge competitors who attended this race.

Race # 3 - Edgewater Race June 24, 2006
The hardcore American Supercar Challenge competitors attended this race in Cleves Ohio and delivered some spectacular racing results in the process The Genuine Street Class competition had some heated battles with Ernie King losing by .01 of a second to Eddie Plybon.

David Polen and his powerful 2001 Viper GTS ran 11.47 which is under the 11.50 index and Edgar Perez won the race by getting to the finish line first with an 11.56 ET.

The final round showdown between Edgar Perez and Eddie Plybon resulted with Eddie Plybon winning this race. This victory by Plybon made it won and won in Genuine Street Class competition between Plybon & Perez, who were tied in the Genuine Street Class point’s chase.

Ernie King continued to produce great reaction times and very fast ET's.

David Polen demonstrated that he has what it takes to win this class with his fast Viper GTS.

In the Serious Street Class, Jerry Land had some tire & tuning problems during this race but managed to continue his long standing and now historic undefeated streak.

Thanks to all the American Supercar Challenge competitors who attended this race.

Race # 4 - US 41 on July 22, 2006
The race at US 41 in Morocco Indiana had record runs and lots of fun for the Ford faithful who got to experience the Ford Supercar GT40 in American Supercar Challenge competition.

A big thanks to Mr. Ronny Duke of Hardcore Performance for racing his Ford GT40 in the American Supercar Challenge race war competition, against the winner of the Genuine Street class competition. This race between Ronny Dukes Ford GT40 and Eddie Plybon's Corvette was quite the event until the GT40 experienced a serious traction problem half way down the track, which gave the win to Eddie Plybon.

The first test pass down the quarter mile with the GT40 resulted in an 11.8 second ET at 122 mph, which was with limited traction.

Another high powered super car that attended American Supercar Challenge competition was the naturally aspirated LPE Viper that turned heads by delivering an incredible 9.8 second elapsed time at 145 mph.

Congratulations to Eddie Plybon for winning the Genuine Street Class race.

Congratulations to Edgar Perez for qualifying in the number #1 position in the Genuine Street Class competition.

Ernie King put on another great performance by skillfully driving his manual transmission equipped Corvette in Genuine Street Class competition.

Thanks to all the American Supercar Challenge competitors who attended this race.

Race # 5 - Thompson Raceway Park on August 12, 2006
The American Supercar Challenge race at Thompson, Ohio had some very competitive drag racing action from some very skilled super car drag racers. In the 1st round of Genuine Street Class competition Jack Bene and his GTS Viper beat Edgar Perez and his 1999 C5 Corvette to move in to the final round of competition. Eddie Plybon also won the race against Ernie King to move in to the Genuine Street Class finals.

The final round of Genuine Street Class competition had 2 veteran drag racers facing each other off in a spectacular Supercar Vette vs. Viper showdown.

Jack Bene and his Viper GTS impressed the Corvette crowd earlier in the day when he delivered the 11.513 ET on an 11.50 index. Eddie Plybon who was the number 1 qualifier with an 11.510 ET in his C4 Corvette was .003 quicker than Bene in qualifying.

When it came down to the elimination round Eddie Plybon delivered a perfect .500 light on a .500 Pro Tree which made Jack Bene work a little harder to gain ground, but the top end charge of the powerful Viper was not enough to make up the holeshot by Mr. Pro Stock Eddie Plybon.

In the Original Street Class competition, David Rauske won the final round race with his 1994 Viper RT/10 against Ted Amphaesis 2004 Z06 Corvette. Both drivers delivered some great driving performances but the Vipers early lead in the race delivered the win and took home the trophy.

The competition was incredible close in the Genuine Street Class with Eddie Plybon qualifying number 1 with an 11.510 elapsed time and Jack Bene qualified number 2 with an 11.513. Edgar Perez also delivered an 11.518 elapsed time for the number 3 spot. This made the qualifying for the 11.50 index class incredibly close as follows:

11.510 ET for Eddie Plybon
11.513 ET for Jack Bene
11.518 ET for Edgar Perez

Ernie King continued to have problems going too fast for the 11.50 index class. Ernie finally slowed the car to a 12 second ET to qualify for the 11.50 index after running numerous low 11 seconds passes during the day.

Congratulations to David Rauske for winning the Original Street Class competition. Congratulations to Eddie Plybon for winning the Genuine Street Class competition.

Thanks to all the American Supercar Challenge competitors who attended this race.

Race # 6- Toronto Motorsports Park on August 26, 2006
The race at Toronto Motorsports Park had some victorious moments of record performances along with some big disappoints; with several racers experiencing the agony of defeat by breaking parts.

The good news of the day was the personal best performance delivered by Jerry Land who became a member of the 9 second club by running a 9.99 second elapsed time with his nitrous equipped LS7 engine.

Steve MacDonald was the number 1 qualifier in the Extreme Street Class competition, but some fuel system problems put an early end to his race day.

The next problem occurred when Mike St. Eve broke the rear end of his turbo charged C4 Corvette during qualifying. Mike was very disappointed that he was no longer able to compete in the Serious Street Class competition.

Unfortunately, Ernie King also broke drive train components during his first qualifying run and was unable to compete in Genuine Street Class competition. Ernie later advised that the damage was so serious that it ended his 2006 race season.

The following are the winners of the American Supercar Challenge race at Toronto Motorsports Park:

Congratulations to Dan Santos for winning the Original Street Class with his very original Viper GTS. This makes it two races in a row for Dan Santos who also won this race last year.

Congratulations to Eddie Plybon for winning the Genuine Street Class competition. Eddie had the better reaction time to win the final round race against Edgar Perez, despite the fact that Edgar had the better performance from the 60ft to his elapsed time of 11.55 to 11.58 for Eddie Plybon.

Edgar Perez also had the best qualifying ET of all time with an 11.501 on the 11.500 index. This was enough to impress Eddie Plybon who told us that when Edgar is on his game, he is really on his game and very hard to beat. This is quite the compliment when you consider that Eddie Plybon has raced the best of the best when he competed in the NHRA Pro Stock circuit racing against pros like Warren Johnson and Bob Glidden.

In Extreme Street Class competition, Steve MacDonald had some fuel system problems that took out a few spark plugs during his 1st qualifying run which resulted in a 9.3 second elapsed time at 139 mph. Steve said that he was impressed with the cars performance since he got out of the throttle early and finished the run with less than eight cylinders firing.

Steve tells us that it's only a matter of time when Dennis MacDonald’s Plum Crazy C4 Corvette runs that illusive 8 second pass.

Thanks to all those who attended this American Supercar Challenge race.

Race # 7 - US 131 on Sept 9, 2006
The US 131 race at Martin Michigan was another great story of intense drag racing competition between Eddie Plybon and Edgar Perez.

Edgar Perez proceeded to pull a holeshot on Eddie Plybon in the final round of Genuine Street Class competition, but then he started to run just a little too fast for the 11.50 index, which gave the win to Eddie Plybon.

What was amazing is that Edgar ran an 11.44 E.T to Eddie's 11.45 E.T and when both racers run too fast and under the 11.50 index limit, the racer who gets closest to the 11.50 index wins the race. So Plybon wins for being slower by .01 of a second although Perez had the holeshot with the better reaction time and faster ET.

Congratulations to Eddie Plybon for winning the Genuine Street Class race.

These guys continue to demonstrate that there is never a dull drag race moment when Plybon and Perez meet in the final round of American Supercar Challenge drag race competition.

Race # 8 - National Trail Raceway Sept 30, 2006
The American Supercar Challenge race at National Trail Raceway was no ordinary race by any stretch of the imagination. The intermittent rain during Saturday morning kept everyone guessing about the event until the rain really started to come down hard on Saturday afternoon, which eventually cancelled the race for that day.

The good weather forecast for Sunday offered hope that the race could be successfully conducted on Sunday, but the big surprise on Sunday morning was that the left lane had a pool of water near the finish line that caused a potential hazard. After ongoing efforts to dry the top end of the track it was determined that it would take too long to completely dry this area so the race was "re-sized" and conducted as an 1/8th mile race.

This was the first time that the ASCC was run as an 1/8th mile race and rather than trying to establish an 1/8th mile index, the race competitors agreed to run this unique race as a heads up, no index 1/8th mile drag race.

The final round race in the Genuine Street Class between Edgar Perez and Eddie Plybon resulted in a 6.9 second ET performance by Eddie Plybon to a 7.2 second ET performance by Edgar Perez, giving this heads up, no index race to Eddie Plybon.

It was also apparent that Eddie Plybon had stepped up the performance of his C4 Corvette for this race as he managed to produce an impressive 10.9 second elapsed time during testing on Friday night.

Eddie Plybon and Edgar Perez put on a great 1/8th mile race performance during this very unusual Genuine Street Class race.

Race # 9 – Toronto Motorsports Park Oct 14, 2006
The ninth race of the year was added to Toronto Motorsports Park at the invitation of Joe Silva who invited the American Supercar Challenge to be a part of the J&P shootout.

Although another bad weather forecast resulted with a low super car turn out, two new hardcore entries arrived for American Supercar Challenge racing competition.

The black 1996 LT1 Corvette owned by Terry Chaitas had some computer software related troubles that caused major performance problems; but that did not keep this highly accredited GM Grand Master Technician from participating in Supercar race competition. The time and effort to get his Corvette ready for this race paid off as Terry took home the Original Street Class trophy.

The black 1963 Corvette convertible owned by veteran high performance drag racing guru Frank Vitesse produced some amazing quarter mile performances by running 11.8 second ET performances at 119 mph. What made this performance even more interesting is that the power under the hood came from a 327 cid small block Chevrolet engine equipped with a General Motors factory production block and double hump cylinder heads, which was original equipped for a 1963 Corvette.

Seeing a 1963 Corvette convertible; equipped with an original style 327 cid engine that is literally flying with the front wheels in the air, is an incredibly amazing sight worth seeing.

After winning the Genuine Street class competition Frank advised that will be working on the independent rear suspension system on his 1963 Corvette to improve the 60ft time performances. Frank expects to have the 63 Corvette convertible running in the low 11 second ET range after the suspension is upgraded.

This ended the American Supercar Challenge race competition for 2006 with the 33 different super car competitors entering the super car race in 2006.

Congratulations to the following American Supercar Challenge 2006 class champions.

Genuine Street Champion - Eddie Plybon
Serious Street Champion – Jerry Land
Extreme Street Champion – Steve Macdonald
Modified Supercar Champion – Paul Ziajski

There was no Champion for the Original Street Class as a result of a four way tie in the point totals. Congratulations to Cliff Sebring, David Rauske, Dan Santos and Terry Chaitas for finishing in the first place position, in a four way tie.

The 2007 race season will be the 5th year of operation for the American Supercar Challenge drag racing series as we move forward to the further development of another great season of Supercar Race Competition.

Ned Erkman CEO / President American Supercar Challenge

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Ned Erkman - Race Director - American SuperCar Challenge

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